Cloud pbx

Our cloud pbx meets all the requirements for a modern commuinications system…

commstel cloud pbx

Benefits of cloud pbx:

  • No on site telephone system. The old way of setting up a telephone system was to install a “box” on site and connect everything through this, extensions, external phone lines, voice mail etc. With the Cloud PBX you only have telephones on site and these are serviced by your phone system in the cloud. This system will have all the features you are likely to need.
  •  No hardware to worry about. The very best of traditional phone systems have a shelf life – inevitably they all need to be repaired, replaced or upgraded. This is no longer an issue with a cloud based system. All system hardware upgrades or software upgrades are carried out so that you are not even aware of the procedure – financially or otherwise.
  • Licences – the devil is in the detail. Nearly all traditional on site phone systems will involve some sort of licencing. Usually there will be licences for the base system and then individual licences for users and features. Not with the Cloud PBX though, all licences are included in the inital subscription so there’s no hidden charges if you want to add a voice mail box or use other system features.
  • Cut the copper – cut the cost.   We are very proactive at getting the old lines disconnected. If you can disconnect as many traditional telephone lines as possible you will make significant savings on your telecoms costs. In most cases the broadband connection is capable of supporting many simultaneous voip calls. A high quality voip call will use about 128 Kbps of your internet bandwidth. To get this into context most businesses have access to 100Mbps broadband ( some lucky ones with 1000Mbps +)  the impact of moving your phone calls to ip is becoming fairly insignificant. Even the once off costs that may be incurred getting your network voip capable can easily be justified when compared to the perpetual charges associated with pstn or isdn line rentals.
  • Cost per call.  International, local or mobile voip is generally cheaper and uses per second billing and no call setup charges.
  • Number portability. Your main company number no longer needs to be locked to your local exchange. Once your numbers move over to our cloud pbx the number can be allocated to any of your company locations.

Auto Attendant

 Auto attendant and customised media give your business a professional first point of contact for your customers. It will improve your customers experience by directing them to the most relevant person or department. With our advanced scheduling we can direct your inbound calls so you never loose a call, day or night.

Advanced call routing

Built in call routing planner makes sure all your valuable inbound calls are always answered. Use the integrated reports to verify where your calls are going and how well they are handled.

Modern ip phones

Our selection of state of the art ip telephones add the human interface to our cloud pbx. Full colour touch screen displays, bluetooth headset, wifi, all the features you will need for a modern office.

Many more features to suit all business types

  • Auto attendant
  • Voice mail
  • Voice mail to email
  • Mobile integration
  • Call schedules
  • Advanced call routing
  • Class of service
  • Day Night service
  • Call recording per extension
  • Call reports
  • Call graphs & charts
  • Ip Presence
  • Android apps
  • iOS apps
  • CTI – Computer integration
  • Bluetooth & wifi devices
  • Call centre applications
  • ACD queues
  • Hunt groups
  • Custom announcements
  • Custom music on hold
  • Multi site connectivity
  • Virtual fax
  •  Public number portability
and many more….

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